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Rory Walker Illustration

The Hoobally Choobally Clan

Published by Bumble Books, 2016.

Written by Paul Brown. Illustrated by ME!

Here's a bit of blurb about the book that I've shamelessly lifted from it's Amazon page

A full colour, wonderfully illustrated tale of adventure, friendship, bravery and hope for age 6+. Can one small hero really make a difference? An inspiring, humorous and spirit lifting story, with a message very relevant for today's ever changing world. Who are the Hoobally Chooballys, and are they really so bad? It was time to be bold. It was time to be brave. It was time for an adventure! Wonderfully illustrated by Rory Walker and designed and produced by Rachel Lawston.

Sample artworks

Lots of pages of full colour illustrations for children, and several spot drawings too.





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